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Art was the only solace that gave me peace and calm at the age of 9, when my world was turned upside down from the immigration of my family from Taiwan to the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early 1970s.  Thrusted into a new and foreign environment at an early age and being completely illiterate of the English language, I quickly developed my skills of observation along with the skills of depicting images as a way to communicate and survive the shock of a new culture.  As time passed and as my English improved, I developed a strong affinity for the visual arts. I began to draw and paint during and outside school hours, whereby my artwork caught the attention of my teachers. I was often selected by my teachers or the Principal to design school projects.  I excelled in art and received top honors in several competitions and awards. During my formative High School days, my artistic talents gave me a strong sense of identity and confidence. My teachers and counselor encouraged me to apply to art schools. Although I wanted to pursue a degree in fine arts, I chose to study science and engineering to follow the wishes of my working class immigrant parents.  Becoming an artist in a struggling family of 6 was never an option for consideration.  Despite following my parents' wishes, I never abandoned my love for art. Throughout the various stages in my life, I always carried a sketch pad with me and continued to draw and sketch. I taught myself the basic academic techniques of light and shadow, forms, tones, composition, etc., along with western and eastern art history. These lessons gave me the foundational knowledge to explore and experiment painting in many ways at the same time helping to develop my unique voice.  I would spend weekends or "down time" during business trips to develop my sketches/drawings into more in-depth ideas, finished projects or detailed completed images.


With patience, a bit of planning and life's unexpected twists and turns, I am now a full-time dedicated artist; and I practice my art in my home studio daily.  I paint mostly in oil and watercolor. The inspiration for my work can come from anywhere...from traveling to new places, a direct personal experience, my vivid imagination, or images from the Internet.  Everything is fair game for me. I also love to experiment with new ways to express, and is continuously pushing or bending the rules of painting. Painting is my life now, and making great art is the goal.

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